March 28, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

I’m Number 185,892 on LinkedIn

From LinkedIn, an email I received over the weekend from Reed Hoffman, the founder:

I want to personally thank you because you were one of LinkedIn’s first million members (member number 185892 in fact!*). In any technology adoption lifecycle, there are the early adopters, those who help lead the way. That was you.

LinkedIn just passed the 100 million member milestone.  No, it isn’t that big a deal.  Yes, it was a junk email pretending to be a personal email from a real person.  🙂

What is a big deal is that we are heavily–and increasingly–invested in doing business over the internet.  We get business that way.  We communicate over the web, email, Twitter, Skype, and (yes, very infrequently) via LinkedIn.

In a few weeks we will be starting with a new experiment:  finding another way to give you information.  The test-drive crash-test dummy will be in the arena of Registered Retirement Savings Plans–RRSPs.  I have an ebook completed.  This is an area of international tax law that is exceedingly vexing to ordinary people.  My ebook will tell you how solve your RRSP problems yourself.  Cheaply.  In MBA-speak, we are taking a service and creating a product out of it.  Productizing a service, I think they call it.

Anyway, back to LinkedIn.  If you’re on there, find me and connect.