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  1. Shouldn’t the number on line 32 be used as the divisor in line 35?

    If there are rules hiding somewhere that make those numbers unequal then it might be a 1.

    For comparison, Form 1116 line 1 has a hidden rule, designed to prevent double-dipping of FEIE and FTC on the same income. The rule is so well hidden, only published in four places in IRS instructions and publications that I could find and maybe other places that I couldn’t find — so well hidden that the IRS, Department of Justice, and courts couldn’t find it at all. Thanks to US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, double-dipping is now mandatory, though it doesn’t make any difference unless you have more than about four times the amount of earned income that I had. I don’t know if the IRS revised their published instructions to comply with the court. The IRS accepted my refiled returns and final return without double-dipping, but at my level of income it didn’t make any difference.

    Is Form 3520 as complicated as 1116?

    Anyway, even if only half the gold gets turned into lead, obviously it still sucks. This is how US citizenship turns lead into cesium.

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