September 28, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

Fun to be interviewed but . . .

I had a phone interview by a reporter for one of the Big Newspapers in the country (hi, SP). We had a good chat about the voluntary disclosure program, how it worked, what we were doing, etc. Too bad the article will be coming out after our self-imposed October 2, 2009 cutoff for new business. 🙁

SP contacted me to see if any of our clients would be interested in being interviewed for the article — why did you decide to go through the IRS’s voluntary disclosure program?

If you’re interested, let me know by email or phone. However, please note that they won’t guarantee your anonymity, as part of the newspaper’s general policy. If you ask me, I’d suggest you say no. (1) The IRS knows about you already, but why give them a reason to get pissy and throw a brick at you? (2) The world doesn’t know about you and it is probably better that way.

Anyway. Your chance for questionable glory, offered up here. 🙂

Ping me.

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