May 21, 2010 - Phil Hodgen

Expect the Swiss Parliament to ratify the UBS agreement

I just received a telephone call from a gentleman I speak to on Swiss political matters.  He reports that the SVP (the right wing party) which had previously opposed ratifying the UBS agreement has now announced that it will vote in favor of ratification.  The SP (the left wing party) still has some reservations about ratification but likely will support it.

This means that the UBS agreement will be ratified by the Swiss Parliament and the 4,450 names will be decanted from the SFTA to the IRS.

For those of you who adopted the “wait and see” attitude, take this as your “Last Exit” call.  If you’re on the list of 4,450 and you have not made a voluntary disclosure, you will be roadkill.

Voluntary Disclosure