November 11, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

Expatriation webinar is full; add a second one?

The webinar on November 12, 2013 is full. I have received some emails asking if there is a bit more room. Sadly, no. I want to keep the limit to 10 people so I can answer questions completely and fully.

Another Webinar? Email me

If you missed out and are interested in attending the webinar, please email me using the Contact page of the website, or just guess my email address — it is “phil” at the domain name of my last name “hodgen” then .com at the end of it.

If we get enough people I will schedule another webinar.

Again, it will be highly limited for attendance so everyone gets individual attention. This one will probably be set at a different time of day and possibly on a weekend, in order to find a time that is better for people in Asia/New Zealand/Australia.

For People Attending Tomorrow

Please email your hardest questions. Trust me, I have received some big hairy questions already! I want to be prepared. If I know the questions ahead of time I can give them some thought and you will get better answers.

I want you to leave tomorrow’s webinar with confidence that you can make the right decision on expatriation. The way I can help you with this is by exploring all of the edge case problems that the expatriation tax laws throw at us.