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  1. Thanks for the comment. Your friend is no longer eligible for a SSN because she is a noncitizen now. She will have to apply for an ITIN. (Form W-7).

    She is a covered expatriate because she has never filed tax paperwork. See question 6 at the bottom of page 2 of Form 8854.

  2. A Kuwaiti friend is a US citizen because she was born in the US, but aside from a short time, she has never lived there and has not had a valid passport for years. She recently renounced her citizenship, but she’s having a problem filing tax returns because she never got a Social Security Number. (She doesn’t owe taxes and doesn’t have property worth $2 million.) According to the website of the US Embassy here, it takes an amazing 8-10 months to apply for a SSN from here. Does she need to do that and get a rejection letter before she can get an ITIN? Or can she get an ITIN some other way? Or can she file the returns without either an ITIN or SSN? She’s stuck, and I assume that there are many people in the same situation (although they may not know it yet!)

    Or could she give someone a power of attorney to apply for a SSN from the US (where it tales a couple of weeks), so she can get it or the letter of denial?

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