August 30, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

How to Log Out of the U.S.

What: Expatriation Presentation
Where: San Francisco at Spott, Lucey & Wall Inc. CPAs
When: Thursday, October 17 at 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Phil Hodgen will be covering the procedures for how to renounce U.S. citizenship or green card status and will also discuss the tax implications of doing so: who is taxed and how, as well as the paperwork requirements.  We will uncover planning opportunities for minimizing the tax impact of expatriation will be discussed.


  • To learn how to provide tax guidance to a would-be expatriate, and prepare the exit year income tax return.

Major Subjects:

  • Who has tax problems? Who doesn’t?
  • The exit year tax return, including Form 8854
  • Planning opportunities
  • Estate, gift tax rules for expatriates
  • State Department forms and procedures

This presentation is geared toward CPAs, financial professionals, and attorneys who advise clients on renouncing U.S. citizenship.

This event is sponsored by The California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA). For more information and to register, please visit this link.

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