September 25, 2015 - Phil Hodgen

The Expatriation Chronicles of an Accidental American, Episode 9

Note from Phil: this is the ninth episode of The Expatriation Chronicles, in which we follow the renunciation process from start to finish with a 17-year old Irish girl who is an Accidental American.

  • Episode 1 (Phil’s introduction)
  • Episode 2 (A’s introduction – why she wants to renounce her U.S. citizenship)
  • Episode 3 (What to do when you don’t have a Social Security Number)
  • Episode 4 (When can a minor renounce U.S. citizenship?)
  • Episode 5 (A submits her renunciation application to the London Embassy)
  • Episode 6 (A pushes the London Embassy to keep things moving)
  • Episode 7 (A has her first expatriation appointment scheduled)
  • Episode 8 (A goes to her first appointment)

Second appointment scheduled

The second appointment has been scheduled, just a day after A’s initial appointment. Impressive speed on the Embassy’s side. Here is the note I received from A:

Hi Phil

I just received an e-mail from the Embassy advising me that my final appointment will be October [00] 2015. Amazingly quick reply considering I only had the initial interview yesterday and sent the “I still want to go ahead” email last night!

Really happy.

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