September 12, 2015 - Phil Hodgen

The Expatriation Chronicles of an Accidental American, Episode 7

Note from Phil: this is the seventh episode of The Expatriation Chronicles, in which we follow the renunciation process from start to finish with a 17-year old Irish girl who is an Accidental American.

  • Episode 1 (Phil’s introduction)
  • Episode 2 (A’s introduction – why she wants to renounce her U.S. citizenship)
  • Episode 3 (What to do when you don’t have a Social Security Number)
  • Episode 4 (When can a minor renounce U.S. citizenship?)
  • Episode 5 (A submits her renunciation application to the London Embassy)
  • Episode 6 (A pushes the London Embassy to keep things moving)

First Appointment for Renunciation Has Been Scheduled

Our intrepid would-be ex-American has an interview date for renunciation. Well, a preliminary interview, to be precise:

Hi Phil

I have today received an e-mail from the Embassy:

“All minors must appear in-person for an initial informal appointment with a consular officer, ahead of the final appointment which can be scheduled at a later date.”

My appointment has been set for [redacted] (wish me luck).

The rest of the e-mail was a little bit confusing as it requested all the original paperwork, plus payment of $2350.00, which gave my mum a huge “hair turning grey” shock as for a split second we thought we would have to pay the fee twice. Just to be on the safe side we sent an e-mail requesting clarification (better safe than sorry) and no, the fee “only” needs to be paid at the final interview. Phew!

Kind regards

I have redacted the precise day and time for A’s appointment at the Embassy, but for the reading audience’s purposes it is sufficient for you to know that the appointment is in the current month of September, and that’s pretty good.

This is probably the interview during which the Embassy staff try to decide whether A should be permitted to renounce her citizenship before age 18. See Episode 4 for a discussion of that topic.

What To Expect

As a foreshadowing, here are the steps that I would expect to see happen next:

    • Interview at the London Embassy – to determine whether the State Department will process her renunciation request before her 18th birthday. (Scheduled for September, 2015).


    • Social Security Number – a letter will arrive from the Social Security Administration, and A will have her Social Security Number. (In process, will probably arrive before the end of October, 2015).


    • Renunciation – this process will occur at the London Embassy sooner or later. A will either be permitted to renounce her U.S. citizenship before age 18, or she will schedule an appointment for the day after her 18th birthday. 🙂 (Timing to be determined).


    • Receive Certificate of Loss of Nationality – that final renunciation appointment at the London Embassy will be the first day of A’s life as a non-citizen of the United States, but at some point that appointment she will receive a piece of paper proving this actually occurred. Guard it well! (Timing: expectations vary wildly).


  • Handle Tax Paperwork – figure out what U.S. tax paperwork A needs to file and when she needs to file it. The tentative guess is that she only will file Form 8854. (Timing, assuming a renunciation date in 2015, is on or before 15 June 2015).
Expatriation Chronicles of an Accidental American