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  1. @Jamie – you can do it all at once. The important thing is that you have filed and paid up.

  2. Slightly different topic, but do you have to file your taxes on time every year, or can you back file the last 5 years to not be a covered expat? The IRS website isn’t very clear.

  3. Hi Phil, thanks for the quick reply! I hope that you get well soon, and that when you do, you might recall/ find and add the answer here!! Thanks again and best wishes for your speedy recovery!!!

  4. Thanks for the comment. I am sitting at home with a cold, checking the web on my phone. My brain isn’t functioning well 🙂 and I don’t remember the answer to your question off the top of my head. Sorry. I do recall that the instructions to the form are (forgive me, Uncle Sam) semi-useless. So I sympathize.

  5. Hi Phil,

    Great writing, as usual! I have one related question that I have not ever seen addressed anywhere, as follows: Does the FBAR for the year of renunciation need to include all accounts held during the entire calender year of renunciation, or only those held prior to the actual date of renunciation? Hope all is well with you and look forward to your great insight on this! Thanks!!!

  6. @AtticusinCanada,

    In the Streamlined Program you would file the FBARs.

    This is one way to go if you are thinking of expatriating and you otherwise qualify for the Streamlined Process — do the cleanup through that program.

  7. @WhiteKat,

    Thanks for the comment. Good luck with the expatriation.

    I am going to do an online webinar on November 12 about expatriation – to help people who want to get this done in 2013. Watch for the announcement tomorrow.

  8. Thanks for this! As someone still contemplating when to renounce, I had often wondered about the FBAR filing requirement. You cleared this confusion up nicely.

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