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What is the International Tax Lunch?

On the second Friday of every month, HodgenLaw hosts a lunch where we present on a specific topic in International tax for an hour.

Join us via webinar to get your monthly fix of International Tax! You can even receive CE credit for participating. Contact Rachel Allen at for more information.

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February 2021 International Tax Lunch: Covered Expatriates – Asset Taxation During and After Expatriation

Covered expatriates are subject to the exit tax. There are several different ways that the exit tax is implemented. In this presentation, we will review how different types of assets will be taxed upon expatriation and in the aftermath. We will identify assets that create bad tax results or timing problems that lead to high tax rates, and we’ll discuss steps to avoid those problems. We will also review the tax paperwork you can expect to file after expatriation.

When: February 12, 2021 12:00PM – 1:00PM PT

Presenter: Debra Rudd

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