International Tax Lunch

What is the International Tax Lunch?

On the second Friday of every month (with a few exceptions during filing season) HodgenLaw hosts a lunch where we present on a specific topic in International tax for an hour.

Please come and join us at our office to meet our team members and to discuss the topic! Lunch from the firm's favorite bakery will be provided. Contact Rachel Allen at for further information.

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December: International Tax Lunch

Foreign Mutual Funds and Form 8621 — the Default Rules in Depth

In this month’s tax lunch presentation, we will work through a real world scenario where a US person buys into a foreign mutual fund — which happens to be a PFIC — held in a foreign investment account. Over several years, he receives dividends (some of which are reinvested), some of his shares are redeemed to pay account fees, and finally, he sells all his shares in the PFIC.

We will cover the real calculations in detail, including running basis as the share holdings change over time, excess distributions, tax, and interest. We will show where to put all the numbers from your calculations on the tax forms. Lastly, we will discuss the tax results, including how losses are taxed.

Who: Debra Rudd

When: December 9th, 2016 at 12:00PM PDT


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