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  1. Thanks Tim! I had fun with the courses and will keep to the same style and format for the upcoming December sessions in Orange County and January in San Jose.

    The CalCPA folks already asked me to put the two courses on the calendar for 2009-2010, by the way.

  2. Hello Phil,
    No great earth shattering comment here other than to say thanks for you two interesting courses in San Francisco last week. While some might say the materials weren’t lengthy, to me you more than made up for this alleged dearth by providing us with sufficient time to digest the concepts and ask questions that led to your excellent examples of fact situations that addressed well the issues being raised. Your courses were a great contrast to the two “machine gun” courses that followed with other instructors after yours, in which too much material was thrown out with no time to think or breathe before the next concept and with little time for a meaningful question or two. So…don’t change! And thanks!

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