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  1. Did you apply for a extension? I am also in a same situation 180 day in 2014. I just filed the extension . Do we get any form of response from IRS for accepting extension?

  2. @John,

    Thanks. I will pull this up today and look at it, making the necessary corrections as needed. I really appreciate it. I don’t know what it is about tax people and their personalities, but I love getting details pointed out to me and fixing them. It’s hard to get things right and when people see stuff I missed — that’s really helpful.


  3. Dear Phil,

    I believe the information provided may be misinterpreted by other as this election does not allow an individual to file as a full year resident, i.e. Form 1040. What this election of 7701(B)(4) does allow the individual is become a Dual Status as oppose to a Nonresident so they able to claim additional deduction such as mortgage interest and real estate tax. This election does not allow an individual who is a nonresident and would of filed a Form 1040NR to instead file as a full year tax resident and Form 1040 as you have mentioned above. This election only allow the nonresident individual to elect to be a resident from the date they meet the 31 consecutive day test and 75% as well as SPT in the following year. Please update your information as this is giving misleading information.


  4. Dear Phil,

    I was rambling through web pages and IRC laws until I found this one. I really like to thank you for the effort you have put in for whoever needs this.

    I am in the same situation that you have described. Was for 173 days continuously in US in 2014 and now I am getting way less refunds than I should have got if I were a resident alien. I am planning to file for extension. Hope that I am able to do that without paying any hefty professional fee.


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