January 22, 2008 - Phil Hodgen

Dining in Zurich: Ban Song Thai

Highly recommended: Ban Song Thai, Kirchgasse 6 in Zurich. I went there two years ago on a random whim. It was full but there are two barstools right by the cash register, so I sat there.

This trip I remembered it and returned. Stunning. Green curry with chicken, a spicy beef with Thai basil. Superb. Better than the late lamented T.U.S.K. that used to be in West Los Angeles. Dinner for two about CHF 85.

Reservations are strongly suggested. It is a small place. They have “the long table” which seats six. If you wander in without reservations and there is a space there, you are set. If the long table is full, there are the two barstools by the cash register. That’s it. I’ve been lucky.

Telephone (0)44 252 33 31.