February 25, 2004 - admin

Deportation for tax evasion conviction

Here’s yet another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences (Tax Division). A 63-year old man had lived in the United States since 1961. He commits tax evasion and is convicted. Aside from all of the other civil and criminal penalties brought to bear on him, he will be booted out of the U.S. You can read the Court of Appeals opinion for the reasoning. The opinion, published on February 23, 2004, is Evangelista v. John Ashcroft, et al. (PDF).

There’s nothing remarkable about this, unfortunately. If you’re a non-citizen and are planning on living the high life of crime and tax evasion (these are two constant dinner companions!), why not become a U.S. citizen first, so at least after you spend your time in prison you can remain in the country?

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