April 22, 2005 - Phil Hodgen

Comments and trackbacks enabled

In the past I have been pummelled by comment spam and trackback spam. This comes mostly from purveyors of online card games that begin with the letter “P” and end with “oker.” Some, however, crudely offered various prescription pharmaceuticals by mail.

Those weeds were not welcome in my garden, and required vigorous work to remove the hourly crop of spam. So I turned off comments (your way to talk back–see the little link at the bottom of every post) and trackbacks (see the little link below that says “Permalink” and that’s what you use).

Now comes Spam Karma, a surprisingly intelligent piece of software that intercepts and throttles the offending spam, tossing it aside in the digital compost heap without any intervention on my part. Stunningly easy to install and configure. Amazingly effective.

Thank you, Dr. Dave.

And you, dear reader–comment away. 🙂