November 17, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

Cocktail hour(s) in San Francisco

Come hang out with Phil on Thursday night in San Francisco, along with any other 2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference speakers he can persuade to show up.

On Thursday evening, December 5, 2013, I will be hanging out somewhere at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Francisco for a couple of hours. The whole purpose of this is to meet people who are coming to the International Tax Conference. If you’re flying to San Francisco on Thursday and you aren’t doing anything Thursday night, come by and hang out for a while.

Even if you’re not coming to the 2013 International Tax Conference, please swing by and say hello. Maybe you can even talk shop and ask a random international tax question.

The Grand Hyatt probably has a bar, and that’s probably where you’ll find us. But I will post more details as the time gets closer. Save the date. Show up. Say hello.

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