September 7, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Class action lawsuit against UBS

From correspondent KT:

I have now learned from the clerk of the North District Court of Illinois that Mather Thomas and Himanshue Patel have filed there  a class action suit against UBS, Case No.1 : 11-CV-4798.

The law firm handling this case is David R. Deary, 12377 Merrit Drive, #900, Dallas, Texas, 75251-3102, Tel: 1-214-572-1700.

You may make use of this information as you see fit.

The law firm is Loewinsohn Flegle Deary LLP. I have an email out to David Deary to confirm this information. Since this is the internet, we publish first, verify later. 🙂

This was inevitable.

EDIT:  I heard from David Deary.  From his email:

Yes. You heard correctly. We have filed a class action.  We feel very confident in our case. * * * * We have been very successful over the last 7 years representing clients in tax shelter litigation all across the country against law firms, accounting firms and investment banks and intend on having the same success against UBS.

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