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  1. Thanks . Do you know what the treaty rate is for the Philippines?
    If not, where/who can I find this information from?

  2. @Manny,

    Yes when money comes out of the IRA it is taxed at 30% unless a lower treaty rate applies.

  3. What about a non-covered expatriate?
    For tax purposes, when he dies is his estate treated just like he was a US citizen?

    Silly question. If he is an non-covered expatriate, does he still have to
    pay taxes on tax-deferred assets (IRAs) upon withdrawal?

  4. “….There is no official guidance from the IRS (yet) on the application of these rules…..“
    Phil, you are joking ?!
    How about an exemption from a Covered Expatriate to his or her non US surviving spouse (husband and wife scenario) ?

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