August 2, 2010 - Phil Hodgen

Changing planes in Jakarta? Don’t

Air Asia from Singapore. Catching an EVA flight to Taipei in 2 hours. Jakarta airport.

I bought a visa when I arrived in Jakarta last week. I had to buy a second one just to transit through Jakarta. USD 25.00.

Long long line at immigration. That is where I am now. It ain’t moving. There goes my idea of eating here.

Still TBD: do I pay the IDR 150,000 exit tax? Do I have to go through customs?

My advice–this is not a good place to change flights. Still, I’m standing in front of the air conditioner at the moment. It feels good.

EDIT. OK that was brutal. I’m not doing that again. At least I am here at the gate with a boarding pass in hand. Yay.

DOUBLE EDIT. In fairness to Jakarta, the immigration and customs treatment at LAX can be brutal. #slow #surly This is true for me as a citizen, and clients who travel to the US report astonishingly bad treatment and tremendous delays.