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Category: Voluntary Disclosure

RRSPs never reported on FBARs

Phil Hodgen April 14, 2015

I swore a mighty oath on a skyscraper of Bibles to never write about RRSPs again, so pretend that this is a post about FBARs...

Yet another FBAR minnow to the guillotine

Phil Hodgen November 06, 2012

I have permission to post this anonymously. With regards to the US Government/IRS/FBAR/OVDI witchhunt/shakedown, I fit the mantle of victimhood at the hands of our...

IRS chases another person out of the USA

Phil Hodgen March 25, 2012

A real-life story submitted to me today. Draw your own conclusions. I am a foreigner that lived and worked in the US under a work...

Who is willing to go public on the FBAR debacle?

Phil Hodgen August 09, 2011

http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/08/08/nb-american-tax-evasion-rules-258.html This is yet another general information story by the mainstream media about the fate of ordinary people caught up in the IRS Commissioner's Career...

Filing late Form 3520's and the IRS robot

Phil Hodgen July 13, 2011

Douglas Shulman thinks everyone knows as much about tax law as he does.*  Shockingly, a lot of regular people walking around the planet are unfamiliar...

H-1B person in need of FBAR assistance

Phil Hodgen March 15, 2011

This is a comment on another post on my blog. It is important to give this a more prominent platform, so I did a cut/paste...

Law-abiding expatriate faces a dilemma

Phil Hodgen March 14, 2011

This email is posted with permission from a correspondent. I don't know this person. The email came from a throw-away account, without a name. When...

I'm quoted in Tax Notes Today

Phil Hodgen September 16, 2010

On September 13, 2010 IRS officially announced the PFIC workaround I blogged about on August 11, 2010.  It gives taxpayers the ability to use the...