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Category: US Real Estate Investments

What the Swiss settlement means

Phil Hodgen August 13, 2009

Jack Townsend has -- as usual -- a thoughtful analysis of the implications of the UBS settlement in which UBS will cough up a few...

Late FBAR filing and penalties

Phil Hodgen November 12, 2008

Undeclared foreign bank accounts. It's a common question. "I have this foreign bank account, but I haven't been declaring it by filing Form TD F...

Secrecy as a tax strategy equals FAIL

Phil Hodgen February 19, 2008

Every so often I get people wandering into my office to talk about offshore trusts, estate planning, and saving tax. Some of them utter the...

Options are real estate, too

Phil Hodgen June 06, 2005

Hot off the press! There's a new legal memorandum from the IRS about sale by a nonresident of an option to acquire U. S. real...

ILM 200504029

Phil Hodgen January 31, 2005

The IRS Chief Counsel's office released a legal memorandum, ILM 200504029, which details exactly how the "net election" can be taken in the year of...

Why tax shelters fail (another example)

admin August 08, 2003

This is from the 8 August 2003 issue of Tax Notes Today: Some major U.S. banks have used bogus regulated investment corporations -- which turned...

REIT Bill contains FIRPTA Provision

admin August 07, 2003

Senator Hatch has introduced a bill in the Senate to tweak the rules for REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts). This is undoubtedly due in large...