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Associate Tax Lawyer

Phil Hodgen June 25, 2012

We solve international tax problems for people. That means looking eye-to-eye at someone, saying "I can help you" and delivering on that promise.  We need...

Explaining tax law to real people

Phil Hodgen December 01, 2011

This is another in my periodic posts for young tax lawyers.  These are things that I was taught or learned by trial and error.  I...

Privacy and your ecosystem

Phil Hodgen April 24, 2009

Privacy is important. Your financial affairs are your business. And you are leaving more footprints than you realize. This came up in a phone conversation...

I'm now on bloodhoundblog.com

Phil Hodgen April 17, 2009

Greg Swann has added me to the list of contributors to Bloodhoundblog.com, THE most interesting website I've found about the business of being in the...

New Category -- Recent Projects

Phil Hodgen July 18, 2005

I'm adding a new category of posts to the site. This category will contain brief descriptions of recent interesting projects we've worked on. Interesting to...