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Category: Expatriation

Super Short Covered Expatriate Status Check

Phil Hodgen July 11, 2022

General Information about "Covered Expatriate" Status There are three triggers that can cause you to be a covered expatriate. You only need one to be...

Net Worth Test Q&A

Debra Rudd January 22, 2021

This post is a collection of questions and answers from Debra Rudd’s January 15, 2021 International Tax Lunch webinar on the Net Worth Test. The...

New IRS Expatriation Compliance Initiative

Debra Rudd August 09, 2019

Recently the IRS announced that it will be rolling out a compliance initiative for expatriates. There is no information about how this program will work...

Exit Tax Book Chapter 6: Mark-to-Market Taxation

Debra Rudd June 07, 2019

Last month, I explained how to determine if you are a covered or non-covered expatriate. The major difference between covered and non-covered expatriates is that...

Certification Test Basics

Debra Rudd July 17, 2018

Of the three tests that an expatriate must meet to be non-covered, the certification test is the most difficult to understand. It is also the...

Tax Return Filing Deadline for Expatriates

Debra Rudd June 05, 2018

Filing deadline for expatriates is approaching We are just a few short days away from a very important date. If you expatriated during 2017, chances...