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Category: Americans Living Abroad

Why Form 5471 Exists

Phil Hodgen February 17, 2023

Form 5471 exists because Subpart F (IRC §§951-965) exists. Or to be more precise, Form 5471 exists because Subpart F exists and taxpayers are smarter...

Canadian Treaty Relief from Double Taxation

Phil Hodgen June 06, 2017

Covered expatriates risk being taxed twice: once by the United States on assets they own when when they expatriate, and a second time by their...

Digital Nomads and Eliminating Social Security Tax

Phil Hodgen January 06, 2017

American Digital Nomads With U.S. Corporations This article is for entrepreneurs who, for valid reasons, need to have a U.S. corporation to operate their businesses....

The Green Card Holder's Gift Tax Loophole

Phil Hodgen December 23, 2016

Green card holders living abroad can have a weird hybrid (tax) life. They are U.S. residents for income tax, but can be U.S. nonresidents for...