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August 28, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

List of international tax forms (first draft)


Upcoming speech

I am going to be giving a one-hour high speed presentation at the 2011 Tax Update and Planning Conference sponsored by the California Society of CPAs. It will be presented in Universal City, San Francisco, and on the web.

My hour is intended to give practitioners a checklist approach to the various tax and reporting forms they might need to know about in the international context. For someone who deals primarily with domestic stuff, the international world is a mystery. I want to dispel that mystery a bit.

First draft of a list

Here, from my course materials for my Tax Planning and Compliance for Multinational Families course is where I am in gathering a comprehensive list of all of the tax forms that are specific to international tax practice.... continue reading

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April 21, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Foreign startup, US venture capital, and taxation

I like Hacker News.  Let’s just say that I spend too much time there.  Shout-out to Ronnie Roller and his iHackernews site, because mostly I look at HN on my iPhone.  I lurk mostly, and comment infrequently.  It’s recreational for me.  I am username = philiphodgen there, FWIW.

I got an email overnight from a HN community member asking me a question and I thought it would be worth sharing the question (suitably disguised) and my answer.

Warning to my correspondent:  the answer here on the blog is far better because the email I sent you was done in the early morning on my iPhone.  ... continue reading

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