August 30, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Canadian politicians to contact about FBARs and RRSPs

Reader and commenter Another Concerned Canadian left a comment earlier today on my post A Suggestion to Canadians in the USA. His comment is important enough that is worth making into its own blog post.

RRSPs are under attack by the IRS in the various voluntary disclosure initiatives.  It strikes me that things will get better at the IRS only when the Treasury Department comes under pressure from the State Department. Diplomatic relations between Canada and the United States will not be sacrificed for the sake of a few penalty dollars on RRSPs. I hope!

The State Department is undoubtedly unaware of what their brothers and sisters at the IRS are doing. The best way to get the attention of State Department officials is for them to hear from Canadian diplomats. The Canadian diplomats will take action when they hear from Canadian politicians. Canadian politicians want to get re-elected, so they will take action when they hear from voters.  That means you.

Here is Another Concerned Canadian’s comment, with slight edits. I have added links to the web pages for the people involved so you can contact them by phone or email. Don’t send mail, though. Time is critical. If you want to send a piece of paper, do it by fax or FedEx.

In Canada, those concerned about these issues should urgently lobby these politicians. If concerned about confidentiality, ask your lawyer to correspond on your behalf.

Please. Call/email these people and kick up a polite snit.

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