July 29, 2003 - admin

Divorce, houses, and tax

Speech materials from an in-house seminar I gave at a prominent Los Angeles divorce law firm.
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July 27, 2003 - admin

U.S. tax filing amnesty for nonresidents

Nonresidents of the United States frequently don’t file the U.S. tax returns that they should. Just as frequently, there are no tax liabilities involved — indeed, sometimes filing a tax return secures a tax benefit that would otherwise be lost. And if there is a U.S. tax liability, the problem is huge.

Here’s the default rule. It just goes to prove that we pick on foreigners. 🙂 If you are not a U.S. resident, and you are “too late” in filing a tax return in the U.S., you are taxed on your gross income. You do not get to deduct your business expenses from your income.... continue reading

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