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Certification Test Basics

Debra Rudd July 17, 2018

Of the three tests that an expatriate must meet to be non-covered, the certification test is the most difficult to understand. It is also the...

Tax Return Filing Deadline for Expatriates

Debra Rudd June 05, 2018

Filing deadline for expatriates is approaching We are just a few short days away from a very important date. If you expatriated during 2017, chances...

How Expatriation Works: Just The Basics

Debra Rudd May 08, 2018

How expatriation works is something we talk about with clients all the time, and it’s worth devoting a little blog space to a general description...

June 15 Payment Dates for Section 965

Phil Hodgen April 13, 2018

Sometimes you need to confirm situation normal. This is one of those times. Thanks to correspondent BZ for triggering the discussion of this topic. Here...

Section 965 and Net Investment Income Tax

Phil Hodgen March 30, 2018

Question From Section 965 Workshop We received a question from our March 23, 2018 workshop discussion about Section 965 about the interplay between the new...