November 14, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

Be unreasonable in San Mateo

Noon. I’m at the hotel after an abortive Supershuttle ride from the airport. Without debate I rig up for running. Five kilometers. I head for the water. The San Francisco Bay is close. There is a trail along the shoreline.

At first my aim is 5k in an out and back loop. But north a bit I see a hill with a dirt road up. Seal Point. I will run to the hill. I get there. Only 2 miles in. I decide to do my 5k out. Nonstop. I keep running along the shoreline.

And the quitting conversation starts in my head. I pass one path up the hill. Then another. And another. I’m deep in conversation with myself, all variations of “It’s ok to loop back running–you will do your 5k no prob.”

I keep going. Hit 5k. Sit on a power pylon and compose this blog post, watching the jets on the approach path to SFO.

Quitting starts as a reasonable conversation. (Video).

Be unreasonable. Don’t quit.