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  1. I’ve felt there’s a general traitor attitude among the American public when someone becomes an ex-pat. The ignorance extends to questions to ex-pats by domestic Americans “don’t you lose your US citizenship when you leave?” – given the current tax hassles it may become au fait to say I’ve renonced my citizenship in the future.

    As this country becomes more like the British Empire of late 1940s – the defining moment for the Briitish after WWII was when the Empire game was up and the UK was broke. Although the seeds were planted many years prior.

    The American Public will wake up in the 2030s or before wondering why China’s position on important foreign policy matters has real impact when the Chinese say “NO.” – the seeds were planted by China in 1979 when Ping liberised China.

    It took until the 90s for British culture to adjust that the Empire completely disappeared and the UK is only left with the Commonwealth and being a nation state within the EU.

    So…American culture will adjust sometime in the 2050s, 2060s that its economy is no longer top dog. Leave it to the grandchildren to handle !

    It’s interesting times –


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