September 18, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

Amnesty people don’t need to rush on FBAR filings

An email just arrived from the Oakland Criminal Investigations office, where we have a number of pending cases. With apologies to Arlette Lee, here is her entire email:

Good Morning,

Many of you have asked about the deadline for filing FBARs. Here is the official answer:

We have received additional information regarding the filing of the FBARs as the September 23rd deadline for the Voluntary Disclosure Program Approaches. If the taxpayer is officially participating in the program on or before September 23rd, then the FBARs may be submitted after September 23rd as part of the processing of the voluntary disclosure. In order for the taxpayer to be eligible for the reduced FBAR penalties the taxpayer needs to submit the FBARs with CI prior to CI referring the taxpayer to Exam, or the taxpayer needs to submit the FBARs when meeting with a Revenue Agent. The taxpayer cannot file the FBARs through regular channels if they want to be eligible for the reduced penalties.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Special Agent Arlette Lee
Public Information Officer
IRS-Criminal Investigation
(O) 510-637-1031
(Fax) 510-637-2909
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Summary:  Get yourself in the program before September 23, 2009 and you can file your late TD F 90-22.1’s later.

In other news, I pulled my first all-nighter in about 15 years.  I’m going to be toast later.

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