October 6, 2009 - Phil Hodgen

Amnesty — After the Gold Rush

Yes, oblig. Neil Young reference. So sue me. 🙂base_image.jpg

I was on the phone with J. from Europe today. He said that out of 10 random Americans he knows in his city, probably 7 have no clue about this giant FBAR mess going on right now.

What will the IRS do with these people, after the gold rush?

Or perhaps the appropriate musical reference is to the Eagles, “After the Thrill is Gone.” It certainly seems that some of the government folks I have come across exhibit a wee dram of glee in their Pursuit of Evil here.images.jpg

UPDATE: 07-Oct-09

Email from a client received overnight from an unnamed country somewhere else. Excerpted and lightly edited in order to achieve the element of disguise.


I saw your blog as captioned above…

I did a random sampling one month ago (early September) in my city. Seven of 8 “United States persons” (excluding myself) did not even know they need to do an FBAR, let alone the storm happening in US now.

Voluntary Disclosure