February 9, 2011 - Phil Hodgen

Amnesty 2.0 – new IRS program for offshore accounts

As expected, the IRS has announced a new program for U.S. taxpayers with undisclosed offshore accounts. The full details are on the IRS website. I’m in Riyadh with a day full of meetings ahead of me and will digest this when I get a chance tonight.

Need to reach me fast? +1-626-437-2500 (US mobile) or +966 54 855-1522 (Saudi mobile). Remember I am +11 hours from California time. That’s GMT +3 hours.

Thanks to STEP (I’m a member) as well as Curt Harrington for the emails on this while I’m gone. As Curt said, “see, you leave, things happen.” 🙂

Voluntary Disclosure