November 14, 2004 - Phil Hodgen

A Quick Overview of U. S. Taxation of Nonresident Aliens

I’ve been published again. This time it’s an article titled “A Quick Overview of U.S. Taxation of Nonresident Aliens,” published in 13 California International Practitioner 2 (2004).

This is the quarterly publication of the International Law Section of the State Bar of California. It’s Volume 13, Number 1. Sorry I don’t have the ability to link to the article. It’s online but carefully hidden behind a username/password thing at the State Bar’s website. You have to be a member of the International Law Section to get in.

For the non-lawyers, legal citation to a periodical goes like this: (Volume Number) (Name of Periodical) (Page Number for First Page of Article) (Year). In my case that translates to the citation format shown above.

Foreign Business Activities in the USA