November 25, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

2013 International Tax Conference Speaker Profile: Tom Neff

2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference

You should attend the 2013 International Tax Conference on December 6, 2013 in San Francisco.

Tom Neff is one of the speakers this year.

Speaker Profile: Tom Neff

Tom is a partner at Rina Accountancy Corp. in Oakland. You will find out more about Tom here.

Who are you, in under 20 words?

I am a CPA and chair of the International Tax group for RINA Accountancy, a regional firm based in San Francisco. I am also a big fan of alternative rock music and have a guitar that I can’t play very well.

What are you talking about…

Introduction to U.S. International Taxation.

Why should people attend…

My session is aimed at international tax practitioners who do not work extensively in this area but occasionally have international issues that arise in their practices, and would like a broad overview of the U.S. rules relating to foreign transactions.

My hope is that my session will provide the attendees with an ability to better spot issues as they arise with their clients, since the IRS is becoming increasingly focused on cross-border transactions!

I hear the IRS assesses severe penalties for not complying with international tax reporting requirements. Is this true?

Up until about 5 years ago, I would frequently cite the IRS’ $10,000 civil penalty for failure to file information returns as a way to encourage my clients to provide me with the necessary documents (knowing full well that these penalties were never assessed!). In today’s climate, the IRS has the resources and the expertise in this area, and it is therefore critical that as practitioners we need have at least a basic understanding of US international tax laws!

How To Attend the International Tax Conference

I know. You are saying to yourself, “Yes, Yes! I MUST ATTEND!” No worries. You can attend in person, or you can watch the whole thing on the web.

December 6, 2013 is a Friday. Be in SF on Thursday night, December 5, 2013. We will have totally unofficial little social gathering on Thursday night at the OneUp Restaurant and Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Hotel from 7 pm – 8:30 pm. Hang out with us a while. Have a beverage. Talk shop.

If you tell your significant other about this event, he/she is likely to tag along for a weekend in San Francisco during the Christmas season. Union Square will be festive. You can spend all day Friday soaking up the international tax goodness while your S. O. is out having fun. What a deal, right?

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