November 20, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

2013 International Tax Conference Speaker Profile: Charlotte Wall

2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference

You should attend the 2013 International Tax Conference on December 6, 2013 in San Francisco.

Charlotte Wall is one of the speakers this year.

Speaker Profile: Charlotte Wall

Charlotte is a partner at Spott, Lucey & Wall in San Francisco. You will find out more about Charlotte and her firm here.

Who are you, in under 20 words?

I am a CPA who loves to bake and drink wine. I am not very good at the first but better at the second. I would be better at both baking and drinking wine but I spend most of my time working on international tax issues.

What are you talking about at the 2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference?

Introduction level of strategies and compliance for foreign owned active U.S. businesses.

Why should people attend your session?

If a tax professional does not or has not in the past work routinely with foreign owned US business’ then this is the session for them. If you routinely work in the international tax area this will not be as informative to you.

After the session I am hoping the attendees will have the understanding that they need to work with foreign owned US business and understand some of the special issues that the international community needs to address in the US.

The IRS estimates time needed to prepare tax returns. How good are these estimates?

These are a good starting point and I like to tell clients and new accountants that these would be good estimates if you are familiar with the Company and the issues that you are reporting otherwise this would be your minimal budget of time.

How To Attend the International Tax Conference

I know. You are saying to yourself, “Yes, Yes! I MUST ATTEND!” No worries. You can attend in person, or you can watch the whole thing on the web.

December 6, 2013 is a Friday. Be in SF on Thursday night. I am going to do a totally unofficial little social gathering the night before, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the bar. 7 pm. Hang out with us a while. Have a beverage. Talk shop.

Oh. Here is another reason to attend the International Tax Conference. If you tell your significant other about this event, he/she is likely to tag along for a weekend in San Francisco during the Christmas season. Union Square will be festive. You can spend all day Friday soaking up the international tax goodness while your S. O. is out having fun. What a deal, right?

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