November 11, 2013 - Phil Hodgen

2013 International Tax Conference Speaker Profile: Rufus Rhoades

2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference

You should attend the 2013 International Tax Conference on December 6, 2013 in San Francisco.

Rufus is one of the speakers this year.

Speaker Profile: Rufus Rhoades

Rufus is the author of a definitive international tax law treatise. Here is his website.

Who are you, in under 20 words?

A pilot and a bridge playing international tax lawyer. Pasadena, California.

What are you talking about at the 2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference?

That wonderful gift from Congress to foreign investors, the portfolio loan rules.

Why should people attend your session?

The rules are pretty technical and, if you blow them, pretty expensive. I am going to talk about the various points that you really need to be careful about as you put one of these things together. If you are there, you can ask questions about something I may not have addressed. Or, if you wish, we can talk after the session. I won’t give legal advice, but I will answer your questions.

Am I liable for malpractice if I make a mistake?

Very likely. That is one of the reasons that people charge a lot for doing that type of work.

How To Attend the International Tax Conference

I know. You are saying to yourself, “Yes, Yes! I MUST ATTEND!” No worries. You can attend in person, or you can watch the whole thing on the web.

December 6, 2013 is a Friday. Be in SF on Thursday night. I am going to do a totally unofficial little social gathering the night before, probably at the hotel. Hang out. Have a beverage. Talk shop.

Oh. Here is another reason to attend the International Tax Conference. If you tell your significant other about this event, he/she is likely to tag along for a weekend in San Francisco during the Christmas season. Union Square will be festive. You can spend all day Friday soaking up the international tax goodness while your S. O. is out having fun. What a deal, right?

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