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2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference 12/6/2013

New! Bring a Friend Discount

[EDIT: 27 Nov 2013] – I just received an email from Kay Phelan, the Director of Conferences at CalCPA. It went out to all currently-registered people, but will work for new registrations as well: bring a friend for 25% off. Note this is for in-person attendance only.

Dear Phil,

I’m writing to thank you for registering for the CalCPA Education Foundation’s 2013 International Tax and Business Conference, and to ask you to invite a client, colleague or friend to attend with you. They will save 25% off the registration price.

Why do we want you to invite someone?

  • Your friends and colleagues will appreciate the invitation
  • Everyone attending will have access to outstanding speakers
  • General and concurrent sessions will meet the needs of a wide variety of practitioners
  • Choice of basic and advanced concurrent sessions
    • Consider inviting someone who is less experienced than you to share the experience.
    • Consider inviting someone who is more experienced than you to take advantage of the advanced material!
  • You and your friend can attend the “meet-up” Thursday night December 5, at the OneUP Lounge at the Grand Hyatt at Union Square. This is an informal no-host get-together to give you the opportunity to meet with other speakers and attendees before the conference on Friday.

Please forward this email, and ask them to use the code ITC13 at the time of registration to receive their discount. This discount is for new registrations only, and does not include the webcast.

Please take advantage of this unexpected offer. Join us in San Francisco on December 6, 2013.

The CalCPA International Tax Conference

The 2013 International Tax Conference sponsored by the California Society of CPAs will be held on December 6, 2013.

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Here are the links to attend the 2013 CalCPA International Tax Conference in person, or to watch the sessions in a live webcast.

Introductory Track

The beginning and ending sessions are for everyone, but in between there are five sessions divided into two tracks.

This year the Conference features an introductory curriculum. This is a track of sessions that will help you understand the big picture of international tax concepts. When you go back to your office and sit down with that Form 1040-NR or 1120F, these concepts will help you understand where the details fit in.

The Introductory track of sessions is the 30,000 foot fly-by view of international tax law, designed for practitioners starting out in international tax.


Thomas Neff, CPA of RINA Accountancy Corporation starts off the series of five sessions with “Fundamentals of U.S. International Tax“. Every intrepid explorer needs a compass when embarking on a new adventure. Tom will provide that compass.

Inbound Business

Next, Charlotte Wall, CPA of Spott, Lucey & Wall, Inc. will give you 50 minutes of inbound corporate planning. Her session is titled “Foreign Business Investment in the U.S.: What You Need to Know.”

Charlotte’s session will give you the big-picture ideas you need to know for handling foreign business clients thinking about doing business in the United States.

Outbound Business

Doug Wright, CPA of Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc. covers the reverse: U.S. companies expanding their business operations abroad. His topic is titled “Outbound International Tax Planning for U.S. Businesses“.

There is an infinitely deep pool of minutae that will confront you here, but Doug will focus you on the major concepts. If you know the principles, you can find the details.

Inbound Individuals

Humans who change from nonresident to U.S. resident status face a whiplash-inducing pileup of tax and paperwork complexity. Are you a resident? What was the first day that you became a resident? What do you file? What about estate and gift tax questions?

Whether we are talking about immigrants or people who are merely in the United States temporarily, Cindy Hsieh, CPA of Rowbotham & Company LLP will highlight the things to look for in “Pre-Arrival Tax Planning for High Net-Worth Families and Executives.”

Outbound Individuals

Finally, Andy Mattson, CPA of Moss Adams LLP will cover the tax issues facing Americans working and living abroad, in “Expatriate and Alien Taxation”. If you have wrestled with Form 2555 or Form 1116, this is the session for you.

Advanced Track

The advanced track runs concurrently with the introductory sessions. You are welcome to jump back and forth between the two tracks, depending on your interest.

Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) for Experienced Professionals

Elena Redko will tackle PFICs in a session that assumes you know the basics. Actual spreadsheets, hands-on. This is how it works. Preparing Form 8621 correctly is hard. Elena will show you how it works.

Portfolio Interest: A Congressional Gift to Practitioners

Rufus Rhoades will do a session on portfolio interest. Get a tax deduction for an interest expense and the lender collects interest income tax-free? Seriously? Rufus will show you how it’s done.

Managing Transfer Pricing Issues and Opportunities

Jim Hill of Grant Thornton will talk about transfer pricing from a technical yet practical angle. How do you, as the tax practitioner, help the CFO of a mid-market company deal with the complexities and costs of doing transfer pricing properly? These clients don’t have the budget but face the same problems that giant multinationals face.

U.S. Tax Deferral Planning

For U.S. companies doing business abroad, the tax planning strategy is deferral. Why pay a dollar of tax today when you can pay that dollar of tax next year? Or five or ten years from now? Douglas Wright will talk about the deferral mechanisms built into the Code and how to use these strategies when advising U.S. multinationals.

How to Handle an Expatriation Client

Phil Hodgen will do a session on expatriation. Section 877A. It is getting more and more popular, and despite everyone’s focus on the citizenship side of things–giving up your passport–an expatriation project is 90% a tax return problem and only 10% a “citizenship/green card” problem. This session will tell you about preparing the tax returns and doing pre-expatriation tax planning for people giving up U.S. citizenship or green cards.

Thursday Night Fun

An added bonus for those of you attending in person, please join Phil Hodgen (Chairman of this year’s Conference) and other speakers on Thursday night, December 5, 2013, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (flexible!) at the OneUP Lounge at the Grand Hyatt at Union Square.

This is an informal no-host get-together to give you the opportunity to meet with other speakers and attendees before the conference on Friday. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow international tax practitioners in a casual environment.

Speaker Profiles

So far, we have informal speaker profiles for:

Rufus Rhoades
Elena Redko
Charlotte Wall
Tom Neff
Jim Hill

As more of the speakers send in their profiles, we will add to the list.

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