Decline of American Civilization, Form 8938 Edition

by Phil Hodgen on May 10, 2013

We’re working on a tax return project. It involves a 2012 Form 8938 (PDF).

Forty-six (multi-word obscenity deleted) pages long.

That’s how long the Form 8938 is, in draft form.

And we ain’t done yet, pardner. This here thing might be getting’ biggerer a’fore we’re done.

And of course there’s the FBAR that goes along with this project.

This is how American civilization dies–one spectacularly ill-conceived idea at a time, (ahem) emitted by Congress and the Treasury Department.

Let’s just bury the world in useless paperwork, shall we?


Reader comments (3)

  • At least, when you’re done with form 8938, you can pretty much copy and paste it into the FBAR, right?

  • Phil Hodgen says May 12, 2013 4:54 pm


    Mwahahaha. If it were only that easy.

    Unfortunately, even with the pro software we use there is an endless amount of futzing around to get data that is in one form to properly appear in another form. Tax return preparation is time-intensive.

  • “Tax return preparation is time-intensive.”

    A fact little understood by either clients or the IRS.