Voluntary Disclosure

Sooner or later, secrecy fails as a tax planning strategy

TL;DR The train is headed straight at you. You cannot tell how far away it is. You can step off the tracks to safety. Alt: you’re naked but you don’t know it yet. British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories I know that there are a lot of you out there with corporations, trusts, foundations, and […]

Opt out (of the OVDI) and get out (of the USA)

We get questions. This one came as a comment to a prior blog post. Lightly edited, it says: I am a dual citizen in middle of OVDI and was planning to return to my home country for personal reasons. Have paid back taxes but haven’t gotten to point of deciding whether to opt out. Should […]

Note to Concerned Immigrant

A reader who nicknamed himself/herself “Concerned Immigrant” left me a message from the Contact page of this site. Hi Concerned Immigrant. I sent you am email in response. It bounced because you gave an obviously fake email address. Perhaps you just wanted to vent your anger at the FBAR stuff your parents face. Anyway. Here […]

Yet another FBAR minnow to the guillotine

I have permission to post this anonymously. With regards to the US Government/IRS/FBAR/OVDI witchhunt/shakedown, I fit the mantle of victimhood at the hands of our so-called government for the people, of the people and by the people to a T. Whether stupidly or not, I came forth this last March, because I did not disclose […]

IRS chases another person out of the USA

A real-life story submitted to me today. Draw your own conclusions. I am a foreigner that lived and worked in the US under a work permit. (Not even a green card) I struggled the past years to make a living, because I was self-employed under an employee that had few jobs, and under the rules […]

FBARs and Delays in Detroit

I know I promised that I wouldn’t blog about FBARs anymore.  (This stuff chews up too many Life Credit Units, as Just Me calls them.)  But I wanted to share something with all of you that may help you make decisions. From a correspondent by email today: Just a quick update.  I called the FBAR […]

New website with offshore bank account, expatriation information

There is a new website that launched several weeks ago that I highly recommend: www.isaacbrocksociety.com. The engines behind this site are people I know and it has good, first-hand information about expatriation (as in giving up U.S. citizenship); and cleaning up paperwork problems for undisclosed bank accounts. Offshore Bank Account Cases I have done a […]

Upton Sinclair comments on the IRS

It’s difficult to make a man understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it. Upton Sinclair in I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked (1935), ISBN 0-520-08198-6; repr. University of California Press, 1994, p. 109. No, he wasn’t really talking about the IRS. But he could have been. If you […]

New Brunswick Premier is in the OVDI

The Premier of New Brunswick is in the OVDI.  In an article published on Saturday in the online Telegraph-Journal, we see a prominent Canadian politician’s reaction to getting squeezed by the IRS. [Premier David] Alward was born in Beverly, Mass., and spent his early years in the United States before his family settled in New […]

For people at risk who did not enter the OVDI

For God’s sake go get experienced, competent legal advice.  Now.  Before you take action.  Don’t go to a tax mill (I learned yesterday from a phone call that one of these tax mills that does “Settle with the IRS for pennies on the dollar!” is offering to do this kind of job at a fixed […]