RRSPs never reported on FBARs

I swore a mighty oath on a skyscraper of Bibles to never write about RRSPs again, so pretend that this is a post about FBARs and not RRSPs at all. ┬áThat is actually semi-accurate because the logic applied here need not only apply to RRSPs. A gentleman posted a comment on The Last RRSP Post […]

Sooner or later, secrecy fails as a tax planning strategy

TL;DR The train is headed straight at you. You cannot tell how far away it is. You can step off the tracks to safety. Alt: you’re naked but you don’t know it yet. British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories I know that there are a lot of you out there with corporations, trusts, foundations, and […]

Opt out (of the OVDI) and get out (of the USA)

We get questions. This one came as a comment to a prior blog post. Lightly edited, it says: I am a dual citizen in middle of OVDI and was planning to return to my home country for personal reasons. Have paid back taxes but haven’t gotten to point of deciding whether to opt out. Should […]

Decline of American Civilization, Form 8938 Edition

We’re working on a tax return project. It involves a 2012 Form 8938 (PDF). Forty-six (multi-word obscenity deleted) pages long. That’s how long the Form 8938 is, in draft form. And we ain’t done yet, pardner. This here thing might be getting’ biggerer a’fore we’re done. And of course there’s the FBAR that goes along […]

Note to Concerned Immigrant

A reader who nicknamed himself/herself “Concerned Immigrant” left me a message from the Contact page of this site. Hi Concerned Immigrant. I sent you am email in response. It bounced because you gave an obviously fake email address. Perhaps you just wanted to vent your anger at the FBAR stuff your parents face. Anyway. Here […]