Decline of American Civilization, Form 8938 Edition

We’re working on a tax return project. It involves a 2012 Form 8938 (PDF). Forty-six (multi-word obscenity deleted) pages long. That’s how long the Form 8938 is, in draft form. And we ain’t done yet, pardner. This here thing might be getting’ biggerer a’fore we’re done. And of course there’s the FBAR that goes along […]

is this the OVDI tipping point? This article has more than 300 comments. Finally Mr. Shulman has hit the mainstream consciousness, but not in the way he anticipated. Canada holds the moral high ground here. This may mark the tipping point at which diplomacy and sanity force Mr. Shulman’s retreat. I hope so. Go Canadians. Oh by the way. You […]

If by “entice” you mean “submit and be assimilated” then yes

We know it is coming.  A new amnesty. (Aside.  The IRS people aren’t supposed to use the word “amnesty” in describing the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.  Just like they’re not allowed to use the words “tax protestor.”) In the Jan. 24, 2011 edition of Tax Notes Today, 2011 TNT 15-1, there is a report from the […]