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We need help, so we’re hiring a lawyer

Please look at our job posting if you’re interested.  International tax law.  Foreign trusts, FIRPTA, expatriation, CFCs, and other assorted frivolities.

Email to a law student interested in international tax

I received an email from a third-year law student interested in international tax. I’m in Dubai and coming home next week to a mountain of work and intend to (1) be with my family; (2) be in the office working; and (3) run laps around the Rose Bowl. Nothing else until my vacation at the […]

Why young tax lawyers should learn to read job advertisements

This is yet another piece of free advice (heh) from me to young tax lawyers out there.  I have been given priceless help over the years by many people.  Some of them were even tax lawyers.    This is my small effort to return the favor to the universe. If you are looking at a […]

Your primary purpose as a tax lawyer

  This is another post for young tax lawyers.  Think of it as a virtual mentoring.  I was (and continue to be) lucky in knowing people who mentor me.  In fact, as I write this I have scheduled a visit with a friend of mine — I need his advice. Many young tax lawyers do […]

Explaining tax law to real people

This is another in my periodic posts for young tax lawyers.  These are things that I was taught or learned by trial and error.  I hope they are useful to young tax practitioners. If you want to be a tax lawyer, you need to think in logic chains.  If A, then B.  B, therefore C. […]

Tax answers come when you ask the right question

This is another in my “now and then” series of posts for young tax lawyers.  I do these because I was helped as a young tax lawyer.  I think the training opportunities for young tax lawyers are severely limited now, compared to when I escaped from law school in 1982. If you’ve never heard of […]

Tax law is algebra

When I was a brand new lawyer, an old guy (who was then in his 50’s, just like I am now) helped me tremendously.  Don Schaut.  He passed away several years ago, but he was an immensely positive influence on me as a young pup lawyer.  I do international tax law today because of Don. […]