Your primary purpose as a tax lawyer

  This is another post for young tax lawyers.  Think of it as a virtual mentoring.  I was (and continue to be) lucky in knowing people who mentor me.  In fact, as I write this I have scheduled a visit with a friend of mine — I need his advice. Many young tax lawyers do […]

Explaining tax law to real people

This is another in my periodic posts for young tax lawyers.  These are things that I was taught or learned by trial and error.  I hope they are useful to young tax practitioners. If you want to be a tax lawyer, you need to think in logic chains.  If A, then B.  B, therefore C. […]

Tax law is algebra

When I was a brand new lawyer, an old guy (who was then in his 50’s, just like I am now) helped me tremendously.  Don Schaut.  He passed away several years ago, but he was an immensely positive influence on me as a young pup lawyer.  I do international tax law today because of Don. […]