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Haoshen Zhong

Haoshen Zhong graduated from U.C. Hastings with a J.D. and is waiting for his California Bar license.  Previously, he worked as a patent agent after graduating with a B.S. in chemistry from U.C. Berkeley.  Haoshen enjoys connecting matters spanning multiple countries through U.S. tax laws that are subject to close and fast-reacting administrative oversight.

Debra Rudd

Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Columbia University, and is currently studying for the CPA exam. She enjoys wrangling massive amounts of data into functional and powerful spreadsheets and solving complicated problems down to the last detail. She likes working within the intricacies of cross-border taxation as well as planning for and solving the issues that inevitably arise in the complicated world of international tax.

Elena N. Redko

Elena Redko graduated from UCLA with a degree in Global Studies and Accounting. She was recruited by Ernst & Young during her junior year and started working there as a staff tax accountant shortly after graduation. After a year of contemplating her career choice, Elena stumbled upon Hodgen Law PC and now has been working here happily for the past four years. Elena is a CPA and loves solving the kind of problems that make other CPAs slowly back away. International tax is her passion. It is something that she heavily pursued from her first few days in professional accounting and still thoroughly enjoys every day of her career.

Rufus v. Rhoades

Rufus v. Rhoades is in practice in Los Angeles. He is the past Chairman of the Foreign Tax Committee of the Section of Taxation of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and past Chairman of the Section on Taxation of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Mr. Rhoades has written numerous articles on taxation and has lectured at various institutes around the country including the U.S.C. Tax Institute, the N.Y.U. Tax Institute and the Practising Law Institute. In 2005 he received the Joanne M. Garvey Award from the State Bar of California Taxation Section for his substantial lifetime contributions to the field of tax law, and in 1993 he received the Dana Latham Memorial Award from the Los Angeles Section on Taxation for lifetime achievement in the field of tax law.

Philip D. W. Hodgen

Degrees? Sure. Degree in Economics (cum laude) from Claremont McKenna College. Law degree from the School of Law at the University of California, Los Angeles. Master of Laws (Taxation) from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Experience? Yep. Admitted to the California bar in 1982. Small boutique international tax law firm, large-ish entertainment law firm (I did tax and corporate transactions, not entertainment work). Trust department of massive U.S. bank (Security Pacific National Bank), jettisoned along with thousands of close personal friends when Bank of America bought SPNB. Rejected job offers from juggernaut tax factories and started own firm in 1991 on minuscule severance package. Never looked back.

World? Of course. Spent a chunk of my youth in the bush outside Bulawayo (Zimbabwe, but when the country was still named Rhodesia) an hour from the Botswana border. Oh, boy. I still remember what a big deal it was to go “into town.”

After that, a few years in in Somerset West (outside Cape Town) in South Africa. Unbelievable beach at The Strand. Loved to go to Gordon’s Bay and poke around the docks and see the fishing boats. I have a snoek horn around here somewhere.

A year abroad between high school and college. New Zealand. Auckland first, then Queenstown. Worked at the SHF factory in Auckland, making Skippy Cornflakes. Worked at Coronet Peak repairing then running chairlifts at the ski resort. There’s nothing like digging in frozen ground through the snow, with a pick, to persuade you that education is a Good Thing.

Professional chops? That too. Past Chair of the International Tax Committee of the State Bar of California’s Tax Section. Member of the Executive Committee of the State Bar of California’s Tax Section for 2004-2007. (The Tax Section is the only statewide association of tax lawyers in California, with more than 3,000 members). On the organizing committee of the California Society of CPA’s premiere annual conference–the two day Tax Update and Planning Conference. Also on the organizing committee for the California Society of CPA’s annual International Tax Conference. Frequent speaker at both Conferences and many other events.