Tax Strategies for Micromultinationals – Singapore

I was in Singapore for a week, and spoke at the Dynamite Circle event on February 21-22, 2015. Jeans and wrinkly travel shirt mandatory, right?

Over to the left is Ian Schoen, one of the proprietors of Dynamite Circle. His partner, Dan Andrews, is taking the picture. They also own The Portable Bar Company, Modern Cat Designs, The Valet Spot, and Tropical MBA. Dan and Ian also do a podcast (highly recommended). You can listen to the episode about the Singapore weekend event.

Singapore for a Weekend Mastermind

I’m headed to a weekend mastermind group sponsored by Dynamite Circle (I am a member), which is a service provided by Ian and Dan of Tropical MBA.

It’s worth your while reading the TMBA blog and listening to the podcast. Even if you do not fit the “location independent lifestyle” or “digital nomad” profile, there are useful things to learn.

Dan and Ian have done something impressive. They transformed themselves from from two random guys standing around in a parking lot in North San Diego County to the owners of very real and profitable businesses. The best part? These are businesses that they can operate from anywhere on the planet that they want to be (Ian = Austin and Dan = Philippines right now).

Attending the mastermind will be a group of 30 entrepreneurs who have reached a certain level of success.

I’m showing up. I have something to share, and something to learn.

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