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Senate Finance Committee staffers meeting



Where I am about to talk about RRSPs.

JCT Staff knows IBS

I mentioned the Isaac Brock Society site in a meeting with Joint Committee on Taxation staff. They already knew of the site.

You go, IBS. :-)

Where I am now


The actual paper we submitted to the IRS

This is the actual paper we submitted to the IRS about RRSPs and finding a simpler solution to the late Form 8891 problem. Co-authors are Steven Walker and mygoodself. This will be updated and revised. Stand by. The revision will likely occur on May 19 while I am flying from Los Angeles to Zurich.

New York State Society of CPAs supports our RRSP paper

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants wrote a letter in support of our paper that we submitted to the IRS for fixing RRSP problems. Here it is.

Thanks Susan Brown Otto for setting this up and thanks to the NYSSCPA crew for the support.