W. Edwards Deming knows where the problem lies

The IRS whines mightily about Americans abroad and how they are not filing FBARs or doing all of the other myriad of things that the system requires. W. Edwards Deming had a thing or two to say about situations like this. In Out of the Crisis (1982), page 315 we find this little gem: “I […]

Communication Via Encrypted Email

Someone is trying to communicate with me via encrypted email right now. Sorry, but something is borked. I wish I could email you this stuff, but the best I can do is make a blog post that you will see. Bounce Here’s the problem. Whatever email address you gave does not exist. I cannot reply […]

Jell-O Shot Mailing List Purged

500 People–Goodbye I purged about 500 names off the Jell-O Shots email list last night: people who had not opened an email from me in a while — namely, in the last 14 editions they had opened the email once or never. I don’t want to annoy anyone with emails they do not want. If […]

Elena’s reviews on ratemyprofessor.com

Elena Redko taught a semester-long intro course in accounting at the Glendale Community College in Glendale, California. It wrapped up last night. Check out her ratings on ratemyprofessor.com. Be impressed. We’re lucky that she works here. Congratulations, Elena. This goes up on our Wall of Fame.

Congratulations Debra. 97. Wow.

Debra Rudd has just finished passing the fourth (and final) exam in the CPA exam cycle. Audit. She passed with a score of 97. Ninety. Seven. Debra passed all four exams in a year, passing on the first try. Seriously, congratulations. This is fabulous. To those of you who want to be accountants, maybe you […]

Cracks appear in Google’s armor

The Mighty Google might be showing signs of vulnerability in its key area of strength: the quality of search results. Up to now, the easiest way for me to find a section of the Internal Revenue Code has been to hit Google.1 My search up to now has been as follows: 26 usc 6501 This […]