Electing Resident Alien Status Under Section 7701(b)(4)

[Note:  I am preparing the course materials for an all-day program I am teaching for the California Society of Certified Public Accountants on the taxation of multinational families.  This is a portion of the handout I am writing.] You do not have a green card, and you were not in the U.S. enough days to […]

Form 1040NR Filing, Tax Payment Deadlines

I received an email from a CPA friend of mine today. She and another person in her office disagreed on a seemingly simple question. They were preparing a Form 1040NR for a nonresident alien and wanted to get an extension of time to file the tax return. They both agreed that Form 4868 should be […]

Alimony Payments to Nonresidents

[I am preparing course materials for an upcoming presentation at the 2012 CalCPA Family Law Conference (01 Nov 2012 in Los Angeles, 02 Nov 2012 in San Francisco; the San Francisco event will be webcast) on the international tax aspects of divorce. This is a piece of what I am working on. It is a […]

Bravo House Ways & Means Committee for RSS

I was trolling through the House Ways & Means Committee website looking for hints of the existence of H.R. 4539, a new bill which significantly alters the taxation of nonresident investors in U.S. real estate. To my utter shock, I found that our trusted servants have enabled RSS for Committee activity. Bravo! (If anyone else […]