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This is part of the Brains Across Borders series – where I talk about tax problems that pop up when the person doing the work is in one country, and the person getting the work done is in another country. And one of those countries is the United States.

This episode looks at one of the burdens on U.S. employers who hire foreign freelancers, and the interesting problem of how you prove that you don’t have to do anything. It’s stressful to be fairly sure you don’t have to do something, but then that little voice in the back of your head keeps second-guessing you…

How Digital Nomads Can Avoid Paying Social Security Tax

This week’s episode is about Social Security tax and self-employment tax, and it tells U.S. citizens and green card holders living and working outside the United States how to not pay those taxes.

Hacker News and Dynamite Circle people (I participate at both places and get frequent tax-related emails from people active in both of them, so this week’s episode is for you) understand that there are good reasons to form a corporation outside the United States in order to do business. Local laws, banking, and visa considerations are three good reasons. There are a ton of dumb reasons, too.

Consider the following scenario, which is useful for a U.S. person living and working abroad as a freelancer, independent contractor, or self-employed person. You may be a digital nomad, perhaps. But this idea will work for any self-employed person or business owner abroad…

Jell-O Shot Mailing List Purged

500 People–Goodbye I purged about 500 names off the Jell-O Shots email list last night: people who had not opened an email from me in a while — namely, in the last 14 editions they had opened the email once or never. I don’t want to annoy anyone with emails they do not want. If […]

Jell-O Shot 25 – The “I’m A People Person” Edition

This is Jell-O Shot 25 – The “I’m A People Person” Edition. It went out yesterday to the fine people on the mailing list. You should be on that list, too. Go to the bottom of this web page and fill in your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. TL;DR Events. We have […]

Jello Shot Number 2

Jello Shot Number 2. (Shameless promotion: subscribe to my email newsletter.  There’s a place in the sidebar of this blog where you can sign up.) Just finished Just finished a private mortgage project with a nonresident lender. U.S. partnership bought commercial real estate. Thought you should know how these work. The good stuff The borrower […]

Jello Shot Number 1 – an example so you’ll subscribe

This went out to the subscribers on my email list.  If you want to be on the list, there’s a subscription box in the sidebar.  Sign up.  (The box is on the right under the cartoon.) You’ll get more like this. Jello Shot number 1. Risk Capital gains tax on real estate investments will more […]