Americans abroad

Income Tax Return Extension Until December 15, 2014

If you are an American living abroad and sweating the October 15 tax filing deadline for your 2013 income tax returns, there is a possible piece of relief. You may be able to qualify for a further extension of time for filing your tax return — to December 15, 2014. Summary For American taxpayers living […]

Toronto Consulate Wait Times Have Ballooned

An email from Tim S. alerted me to an interesting article by Patrick Cain about getting the difficulty of getting an appointment for expatriation in Canada.  Patrick reports that wait times at the Toronto consulate have ballooned.  Here we are in August, 2014.  The earliest date that can be booked in Toronto is January 22, […]

2012 filing extension until December 15, 2013? Here’s how

For Americans living abroad and sweating the October 15 tax filing deadline, there is a possible piece of relief.  You may be able to qualify for a further extension of time for filing your tax return–to December 15. Summary If you are an American living abroad, and you want to get a filing deadline of […]

Is an ISA a foreign trust?

Yesterday and today I have had an interesting email exchange with three tax practitioners about Individual Savings Accounts from the U.K. I will call this type of account an ISA (pronounced “Ice-uh”), because that’s how I say it out loud. I won’t identify them by name unless they want to be identified. (Email me and […]

Webinar Registration Open — Limited Spots Left

We have only a couple spots left for each webinar session next week. To register: August 15 session at 6:00 PM (GMT-0700) August 16 session at 9:00 AM (GMT-0700) The webinar sessions are open to individuals and to CPAs who would benefit from learning more on the topic of U.S. tax solutions for nonfilers abroad. […]

Webinar for Nonfiler Americans Abroad

(This is a copy of Jell-O Shot 24 that will be going out today to all of you on the list. We are having problems with Mailchimp getting the test emails and into our inboxes successfully, but it will go out as soon as that’s resolved. Don’t miss out on the fun, though. If you […]

Nonfilers–voluntary disclosure is not your only choice

We talk to a lot of Americans living abroad who have tax problems. A lot of them are regular people living normal lives. And for a lot of them, the problem is “I haven’t filed U.S. income tax returns for years.” The reasons are many. “My salary was below the foreign earned income amount so […]

Nonfilers and renewing your passport

Americans abroad who have not filed their U.S. income tax returns will sooner or later hit a brick wall. They will have to renew their passports. And when it comes time to renew their passports, they are stuck. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. When you renew your passport, you are required to […]

2012 Tax Filing Deadline Tips for Friends of Bander

TL;DR Two important deadlines for 2012 income tax returns are approaching fast. If you are a U.S. citizen (or green card holder) living outside the United States, do the following things now: File Form 4868 to get an extension of time to file your tax return until 15 October 2013. Prepare and file Form TD […]

Apartment security deposits and Form 8938

Consider a simple situation. An American living abroad rents an apartment. As is usual in these situations, the tenant gives the landlord a security deposit. The intrepid authors of Section 6038D and the Temporary Regulations under that Section could not possibly mean to force you to list the security deposit on Form 8938. Could they? […]